Coach Bruce Wrangler has accused Terra founder Do Kwon of creating LUNC DAO, and he is now asking the Terra Classic community to unstake with this organization.

Coach Bruce Wrangler from LUNC has accused Terra’s founder, Do Kwon, of creating the community validator LUNC DAO in order to repair his reputation. However, Edward Kim (the lead developer for Terra Rebels) and other members have supported LUNC DAO.

On November 8, LUNC DAO tweeted that one of their members, Coach Bruce Wrangler, accused Do Kwon of making the community validator LUNC DAO. According to Wrangler, this was simply a campaign created by Do Kwon in order to try and repair his own reputation. Apparently, this all started when Terraform Labs (TFL) decided to spinoff into multiple groups with different intentions regarding both the LUNC and LUNA blockchains.

Coach Bruce Wrangler, a member of LUNC DAO, is recommending that people undelegate from the organization and unstake Terra Classic (LUNC). He says the allegations against LUNC are based on his research into the money trail between TFL, LFG, and LUNC DAO. Additionally, he has tracked Twitter activity for both LUNC DAO and Do Kwon and found several similarities.

However, Edward Kim and members of Terra Rebels have spoken in support of LUNC DAO. Moreover, Edward Kim said validators LUNC DAO and PFC played a crucial role in updating the chain for staking and helping with the ‘dragon berry’ patch.

LUNC DAO has released a statement refuting these claims. They said that the team has been against Bruce Wrangler and his inappropriate humor for the past 6 months. LUNC DAO believes it’s important for the LUNA and LUNC communities to come together and bring back utility. Recently, they have reached out to Do Kwon in hopes of collaborating on Cosmos developments moving forward.

Terra Classic (LUNC) falls in value as the market bears down on it and community events unfold. LUNC hovered around $0.00025 but has now sunk to $0.00022, a 5% drop in the past day.